Repair workshop

A saxophone is quite fragile.
With general wear and tear, moisture and knocks the keys, pads and springs can suffer, causing keys to stick etc.
Or even a major disaster like dropping the saxophone on the floor
Whether it be a small or lager repair, with Saxpoint you are guaranteed an expert repair of your instrument.

Complete Overhauls

Depending on the frequency and intensity of use a saxophone should be completely overhauled at regular intervals.
The saxophone will get dirty during use and the steel springs oxidize and lose strength.
Pads are also affected and corks can sometimes come off.

With a major overhaul we take the saxophone completely apart, cleaning the whole body and keys. If necessary pads, springs, cork and felt can be replaced and correctly readjusted.

Call or email us for information or visit the shop!


Although saxophones are constructed in such a way that they can be operated by most people, the keys of a saxophone are not always in the most ideal place for everyone.
People with extremely small or large hands, or people with physical disability, may encounter problems with operating the keys.
In many cases Saxpoint can make a modification to your saxophone by adapting the keys to the saxophonist’s wishes.

So don’t worry, ask us about the possibilities!!!

For example

Damaged mouthpiece.
There was major damage on the tip of the mouthpiece, we needed to remove the bite plate first, after which the damage could be filled with silver. After filling up it was important to reconstruct the tip to its original state with a neat finish.
Afterwards this was tested to insure that the mouthpiece played as well as before.

The Martin Tenor Repair.
The axles of the rollers on this Martin tenor were so corroded that we were forced to break the rollers loose. Then with our own tool, we can cast our own rollers. Then we made new axles and everything functions like before.

Therefore any damaged or worn parts, refacing or repairs needed?
Just contact us; we can fix it for you!


Bell Pack plate for your microphone.

Why mess around with tape, Velcro or elastic!
With a custom made plate like this, you can easily attach your wireless transmitter on and off with one single movement.

Frank helpt u graag verder
Frank helpt u graag verder
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Restauratie Octaaf Mechaniek
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